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New Logo Launch

We are excited to announce that today is the official launch of the new Orange Township logo. We’ll begin by transitioning the new logo onto all of our digital platforms, followed by print, signage and other forms of communications over time. While the new logo will be the center of attention to start, the branding […]

Economic Development in the Columbus Region and Orange

On December 7, I attended the seventh annual Economic Development 411 held by Columbus 2020 and the Mid-Ohio Development Exchange. Over 700 elected and appointed officials, civic and business leaders gathered for a day of insightful conversation about future economic growth, innovation and investment in the Columbus Region. The event’s keynote speakers were Governor-Elect Mike Dewine, President and CEO […]

Project Grand Slam Makes News

Project Grand Slam is a potential new, premiere and unique sports complex that would support our young athletes from ages six through high school. The fields and park would support our local youth leagues and host regional tournaments. An indoor facility is included in the plans that will cater to not just baseball/softball, but also […]

Project Grand Slam

Last Spring, I proposed a call to action for a partnership to bring a new baseball/softball complex to Orange Township. I am pleased to announce that a designated site has been identified, and terms are currently being negotiated. The potential new facility is working under the name “Project Grand Slam.” Project Grand Slam would provide […]

Economic and Infrastructure Development

I hope everyone has had a smooth transition into a new school year as we say goodbye to summer and welcome to fall. Between now and the end of the year, I will be supporting and working on some exciting new initiatives that will enhance the economic development of Orange Township. If you live in […]

Step up to the plate for a Baseball Complex in Lewis Center

There is much concern in our community about the ongoing balance between government expenditures and resources. I have always felt that community resources should be utilized in a way that benefits the majority of our residents, while taking into account the environment, green space, and reducing congestion. We all watched as our area exploded with […]